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If you have familiarized yourself with the remainder of our website, you surely know that we specialize in automobile and airplane detailing. However, due to the fact that we are in possession of highly advanced devices and have managed to gather a team of skilled professionals, we have made a decision to expand our scope of operation by adding boat detailing London services to them. We are more than glad to inform all the prospective customers that we have successfully prepared many vessels for races, cruises, and long journeys. We can also prepare your yacht or luxurious boat for a party on the water that will surely be remembered not only by you as a sailor, but by all the participants as well. What can we offer you with regard to yacht detailing London and ship-oriented services? Let us introduce you to yet another field of our operation.

Throughout the consecutive years, we have learned that not only cars and planes require professional treatment. Boats, which are for the majority of time used on or in a close proximity to water, are susceptible to molds, bacteria, as well as other utilization-specific damages that can be easily removed by means of professional devices and chemical agents adjusted to the type of vessel owned. Our professionals always select products in a meticulous and careful manner to achieve the best and most satisfactory effort of their boat detailing London works possible. We predominantly focus on strictly conservation and revitalization-oriented services, such as steam cleaning, leather element fixing, wooden part cleaning and treatment, as well as boat polishing. A similar scope can be identified when it comes to yacht detailing London, but the client has to be aware that different methods and agents are resorted to in order to avoid any damages or vessel condition deterioration.


On customer’s request, we can additionally perform in-depth cleaning and maintenance works, including cleansing all hatches and gutter tracks, which will ensure that all waste produced during a cruise or a party will be safely and efficiently disposed of or stored for later disposal. The major point of focus of our workers is always put on the exterior of yachts and boats, as it typically has to be thoroughly cleaned of salt, bird droppings, algae, water stains, as well as other contaminants and pollutants accumulating throughout the consecutive days, months, and years. Even though it may seem that is a no-brainer, we have to ensure you that only proper chemical agents can be used not to damage or discolor wooden, leather, or plastic elements. That is why we resort only to tested and trustworthy products that are advised for particular components of boats and yachts. Within the scope of services provided, we can also dry all windows and brightworks to ensure better visibility during your next cruise. Auxiliary undertakings can be also executed for the inside of your vessel, for we can clean and decontaminate all carpets, wooden floor panels, and beds. Getting rid of unpleasant odors and molds is also not a problem at all for out skilled and enthusiastic employees, who will perform tasks entrusted to them within several hours at max. When they are finished, we can also ask them to wax the entirety of the boat to make it look shiny, beautiful, and to draw the attention of other sailors passing by it. Yacht detailing London additionally incorporates restocking drinks and foodstuffs, as well as advising you with regard to interior design in order to ensure that both the interior and the exterior are as functional as possible while at the same time being comfortable and pleasant to use.

If you want to learn more about our boat and yacht detailing services, you can always contact us by using contact data provided in the “Contact” section of our website or visit us personally, especially if you have a highly specific order you would like to discuss the specificity of which with a skilled representative of our company. Regardless of the way of communicating with our company, you will be provided with all the key pieces of information, including detailing work execution deadline, estimated price, and required tools and/or chemical agents. Get in touch with us at any time – we will be glad to help you!