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Some people think that right after purchasing a new car, they are free to go, for it has been kept in a clean, contamination-free dealership. Unfortunately, such an assumption is typically an incorrect one, for individuals and teams responsible for selling new vehicles to their future owners tend to cover them with various stickers informing about rebates, promotions, and additional features that distinguish a particular car from similar ones available elsewhere. Of course, right after the conclusion of the purchase procedure, they are all removed, but it has to be remembered that there are remains of glue all over the body. What is more, sometimes negligence of sellers may even lead to notable damages to the external layer of paint. As a result, your new automobile may not look as impressive as you would like it to right after purchase.

However, you do not need to fret, for we have a solution to all your problems! We have added a new car protection service to our portfolio which is predominantly oriented towards the removal of unwanted stains, glue residue, as well as other contaminations and pollutants that may negatively impact the overall look of the car. What is more, on customer’s request, we may also perform a complex cleaning procedure of the entire interior, which could also have been subject to various promotional undertakings resulting in it not being perfectly maintained. We do not resort to the use of cheap and untested chemicals or treatment products but rather opt for those top quality ones, the efficiency of which has been proved by a number of examinations and tests. Therefore, you can be sure that the final outcome you will be presented with will exceed your expectations and you will be more than willing to start driving your refreshed, truly brand-new car immediately! As a team of experts and automobile industry aficionados, we know what to do in order to revert every vehicle to its initial state. New car protection is not a mystery to us, for we have been dealing with it for quite some time!


That is not all, however! We have developed certain professional techniques allowing us to take care of the paintjob of your vehicle better! Car paint protection is of extreme importance for while properly maintained, the original paintjob can draw the attention of other road users and make you feel truly proud that you have purchased a given vehicle and entrusted it to professionals who have taken a proper care of it. We can not only apply proper chemical products to the body, making it shiny and beautiful, but we can also utilize professional waxes in order to make the stunning effect to last a long time. Car paint protection can be combined with other treatment and look enhancement-oriented undertakings offered by our company – all you have to do is to get in touch with us and ask about currently available services, sets of services, and their respective prices. We will provide you with all the requested information in an instant, for we are fully aware of the fact that a well-maintained vehicle may in many cases serve as a mobile visiting card, showing the true personality and taste of the owner. What is more, it has to be pointed out here, that you will not be asked to pay an astronomical sum of money for either car paint protection or new car protection-related undertakings executed, because we do our best to maintain our prices at the same, affordable level, even with the inflation reaching record heights.


Do not wait even a moment longer and start cooperating with us to get rid of all the dealership-related contaminations or to make the paintjob of your vehicle look as stunning as it has never looked before. All the treatments will be performed in a meticulous and highly professional manner to ensure that not even a miniscule part of your beloved vehicle is damaged or in any other way or form affected negatively. Get rid of all the unwanted markings, chalk residue and other pollutants that may deteriorate the quality of the paint in the future, leading to your car not looking as astounding as you would like to. For a sensible price, you can not only refresh your vehicle but also – remarkably increase its overall price in the case of reselling it!