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It sometimes happen that clients contacting us to place an order are not fully aware of what the nature of a given service is and they have difficulties with establishing which one will be the right choice for them. That is why we have decided to provide you a brief explanation of the specificity of the service that is most frequently selected by interested individuals, namely – car protection detail. Even though the name of this part of our offer may seem a bit mysterious, it refers to a comprehensive cleaning of an entire vehicle of the client, including both interior and exterior. After many months of years of use, the paint of your car may look a bit washed-out and the body of the vehicle may be covered in various contaminants, such as dirt, sand, dust, etc. We remove all of them for the automobile you use on everyday basis to look brand new once again. Afterwards, we focus on the interior, because we know how important it is for you to drive in comfort and be sure that every single part of the inside of the vehicle is clean, has been properly treated, and can be used for many years to come.

When it comes to interior protection detail, a number of undertakings are performed, aiming at improving the overall aesthetic and utilitarian value of your beloved car. It has to be stated at this point that our company specializes in leather renovation, but it is not the only service we perform within the scope of the placed order. Said treatment is only a part of complex interior renovation and protection procedure, incorporating cleaning all interior windows, covering all rubber elements with a chemical substance making them look new and shiny, as well as removing dust from spots that cannot be accessed by using traditional devices. However, let us focus on leather renovation for a while, for we think it is an important procedure that can make a difference in any car. As you surely know, with time, leather used to cover all the seats of your vehicle becomes stretched out, which may cause its breaking. What is more, discolorations and deformations may be observed in spots that are most frequently used. It should not surprise anyone that the driver seat always require the most attention for it is taken advantage of during every single driving session.


Car protection detailis in this case based on using leather recoloring balm at first. It is a substance that is absorbed by the outer part of the seat cover and changes it color to resemble the original one to the greatest extent possible. We would like to inform you that we are in possession of a myriad of different leather balms, which means that we will select the right one to match your leather color perfectly. After the initial treatment, all the leather elements are covered with leather binder and colorant kit in order to get rid of all visible cracks, major discolorations, and other unpleasant changes that have occurred over the years. Finally, we utilize professional internal waxes and oil-based preparations to make leather look shiny, fresh, and appealing. After such a complex treatment, the interior of your car will astound all your passengers and will draw the attention of passers-by while parked near a shop or a restaurant!


Feel free to browse the remainder of our website, for we would like to indicate that car protection detail is not the only service we provide! We can also cover the body of your car with ceramic coating, provide you with car valeting services…and take a proper care of other vehicles you may be in possession of, such as boats, yachts, and even planes! Our company employs highly skilled and very knowledgeable professionals who know how to approach and perform various types of treatment and cleaning-oriented undertakings. They are also open to suggestions, so you can always discuss the specificity of the order with them. You may opt for more complex cleaning treatments, as well as combine those simpler ones with more advanced cleansing techniques to achieve the desired result. If you are determined to make your vehicle look better than it has ever looked before, do not wait even a moment longer and contact us – we will surely be able to help you and satisfy your needs.