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Trying to keep your car in a perfect condition is a difficult task, especially with all the dangers that you may encounter while driving your vehicle on everyday basis. It is enough to part a bit too close to yet another automobile or to a lamppost to add a new, unpleasantly looking scratch to your collection. Sometimes it may even not be your fault, because in the case of crowded cities, bikers, motorists, and other road users may accidentally scratch your vehicle or even leave a notable dent in it, which will notably decrease the value of your possession. What to do then? The best solution is to drive in an extremely careful fashion…or to get in touch with us and order car ceramic coating service. It is based on covering the body of your vehicle with a professional, tested, and trustworthy ceramic coat that will protect the paintjob and will prevent scratches from occurring. Let us tell you a bit more about said fascinating revolution in car treatment!


It is not a secret that nowadays, our beloved and exceptionally expensive vehicles are subject to all kinds of harmful external conditions and contaminants. To name only a few, we can enlist: UV radiation, chips, stains, dirt, swirl marks, and many others that may ruin your day. Fortunately enough, new advancement in chemistry have made it possible to develop a product that is called ceramic coat, which creates an additional invisible layer covering the entirety of your car, the aim of which is to protect the outer surface of it from any light-to-moderate damages. Anti-scratch coatings have been quite expensive, but thanks to a fierce competition on the market, companies have started lowering them in order to attract more and more customers. We have taken advantage of that and purchased various products from different producers to check which ones are most effective regardless of the brand and age of a vehicle entrusted to us. We are glad to say that we have made our choice and we now use only few products that have turned out to be truly brilliant. They can be now used to improve the looks of your vehicle and protect it against the environment and other road users in a more satisfactory way.


Why should you opt for anti-scratch coatings? The answer to this question is multilayered in nature, so let us elaborate on the topic a bit more. To start off, we would like you to know that ceramic coat is hydrophobic, which means that it repels water. Even during a really heavy rain, individual drops will simply slide down the body of the car and fall in the floor instead of staying there and leaving awful stains after drying. However, it is not the most important thing. We feel obliged to inform you that the products utilized by our company are also perfect when it comes to the provision of an above-average UV radiation protection. Thanks to the aforementioned feature, the quality of applied paint will not deteriorate too quickly if you tend to leave your vehicle outside where it is exposed to strong sunlight. The composition of utilized car ceramic coating products also prevents chemical stains from occurring. They can be typically seen after cleaning your car with cheap and ineffective agents. After our treatment, you will be able to clean your vehicle with whatever you want, and after doing so – you will just have to wash it all down with water and the car will look as if it was purchased a few moments ago! That is the magic of advanced chemistry which is now available to all customers interested! Finally, we want to inform you that thanks to applying a self-cleaning surface to the body of your automobile, it will not only be tidier and look better, but also the gloss will be improved and enhanced. The said fact will surely affect the value of your car in a positive fashion, so it is highly advised to opt for the discussed service right before attempting to sell it. Do not wait even a moment longer and contact us to agree upon terms of our cooperation. Remember that we can combined the discussed service with other treatment-oriented undertakings!