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With time, your vehicle may start looking less impressive than it used to look. Swirl scratches, dirt, discolorations, ugly marks on the body…they may all negatively affect the condition and the appearance of your vehicle. If you are in a desperate need to do something about that, because you want to sell your automobile soon, you should opt for one of services offered by our company which is called enhancement detail. It is predominantly oriented towards car scratches removal, but we have to state that the idea behind its performance is to notably improve visual features of your beloved automobile. After a brief introduction, let us familiarize you with the very nature and specificity of enhancement detail service, in order for you to be able to specify whether or not it is the right choice for you.

The major focus of the aforementioned undertaking is to perform a single-stage machine polishing, thanks to which our professionals are able to remove swirl scratches, get rid of discolorations, eliminate any pollutants and residues that may contaminate the body, and make the paintjob more glossy. Even though some companies consider car scratches repair to be a difficult and in some cases impossible task, we think that they may just be lacking proper tools or experience, for we have been providing services for a number of years and we have always been able to treat our customers’ cars in such a way that they regained their initial beauty and fierceness.


We would like to ensure you that we approach every single vehicle in an individual manner, for we know that to properly remove all visible swirl scratches, it is necessary to choose proper pads and car scratches removal products, the combination of which will grant the desired outcome. After accepting the order, we will meticulously analyze the type and condition of your vehicle in order to be able to select devices and preparations adjusted to its paint color, scratch visibility, and overall state. You have to remember that enhancement detail is not only about single-stage machine polishing. Of course, it is an important part of the process, but it is not the only one. After the successful car scratches removal procedure, we will proceed to applying professional and highly effective waxes and polishing agents to the body of your automobile in the attempt to improve its gloss even further and to make the paint as homogenous and smooth as possible.


As it can be seen, for a relatively low price, you can drastically change the look of your care and improve its condition to an exceptional extent. Not only will it then be much nicer for you to use such a revitalized vehicle on everyday basis, but you will also be sure that your money has been invested properly and you have significantly increased the overall value of your possession, which will be of exceptional importance especially while trying to sell it. Please note that the final price may be lowered or increased depending on the state of your car and the scope of services that have to be performed to help it regain its initial look.

Please note that our involvement in the process of improvement of your car’s appearance does not need to end there. You can always opt for additional services, the point of which is to clean not only the exterior but also the interior of the automobile, applying wax and agents to all rubber and leather elements, as well as removing dust and other contaminants from various places that cannot be reached by standard means. You can always contact us before visiting us in our seat, which will help to agree upon the scope of cooperation and will make it easier for our representatives to present you with an accurate and detailed quotation. We know how important it is to remove swirl scratches, so after order placement we will immediately proceed to its realization for you to be able to enjoy you revitalized and refreshed automobile as quickly as humanly possible. We can guarantee you that the synergy of professional experience and use of professional tools will result in a final effect that will exceed your expectations!