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While browsing our website, it can be noticed that we offer our customers a myriad of various services, which are mainly oriented towards detailing, valeting, and reverting various vehicles to their initial state. Nevertheless, we are fully aware of the fact that it is simply not enough for some individuals interested in starting cooperation with us, for they would like to take advantage of additional services as well, including those maintenance-related ones. We are glad to inform you that we have made customer satisfaction our top priority and that is why we have decided to extend our professional portfolio by adding several new positions to it. Let us take a look at them together!

The very first service you can order is alloy wheel refurbishment, which is all about making your wheels look astounding again by removing all possible scratches and discolorations from them and afterwards – polishing them by means of using professional machines and top-class waxes or other chemical agents. If it is not enough for you, you can always opt for the so-called PDR, which is an acronym for Paintless Dent Removal. It is a great way of quickly, effortlessly, and inexpensively improving the overall state of your car, especially if you want to sell them and you know that there are certain areas that have to be worked on. Do not worry, you do not need to perform any undertakings by yourself – just place an order for PDR and wait for results! We guarantee that you will be astounded with the outcome of our works! Have we prepared any other services for fans of automobiles and car tuning? Let us see…


The next service that we would like to draw your attention to is vinyl wrapping, thanks to which you can completely change the appearance of your vehicle. Regardless of if you want a fancy image, company’s contact data, or a promotional message to be visible at the front or on the sides of your car, we can help you with that! We utilize best vinyl and resort to most advanced application techniques, which is the guarantee that there will be no bubbles, uneven spots, and other unpleasant errors to be seen anywhere on your car. What goes great with a professional vinyl wrapped car? The answer is simple – window tints! We can change the color of your windows as well by applying a protective layer to them. Not only will they be protected from scratches, contaminations, and UV rays, but they will also start looking exceptionally luxurious and intriguing. Window tinting is especially sought after during the summer season, when sun is bright and may sometimes blind drivers, making it impossible for them to see the road. As it can be easily guessed, it may lead to many an accident, so it is a sensible idea to increase your visibility by applying a professional window tint.


We are slowly yet steadily coming to an end of our list of maintenance-related services that can be offered to customers. However, we have prepared one last service for all drivers being in love with their cars and willing to keep them operational and beautiful as long as humanly possible. Our last point of focus are trim and leather repair-oriented works, thanks to which you will be able to revert the condition of your interior to its initial state. We know how stunningly looking a properly maintained leather is, so we will do our best to add some glam to your seats (both front and back ones). We can guarantee that all the services will be provided in a punctual and swift manner, as well as for a reasonable price. Let us take a proper care of your vehicle and remove swirls, scratches, discolorations, dents, as well as disinfect and decontaminate the interior of your beloved automobile. Remember that you can also entrust us other machines that you own, including planes, jets, and boats. We hope that you are interested in the offer presented by us – if it is so, please check out the “Contact” section of the website and communicate with our representatives to agree upon key aspects of your order, as well as to tell them about your specific needs and requirements that you would like to be taken into account in the process of order realization.